Through effective brand strategy, brand identity, web design and graphic design, I’ll help you achieve your goals. Grow your ethical business, attract more supporters, increase funding, win campaigns, or inspire positive change.


Below are my services. For branding projects this is also my process, progressing from one service to the next.


Through research I can get an in-depth understanding of your organisation, audience and others in your field. It is this insight that forms the foundations for all subsequent work.

Brand strategy

To be successful a business, organisation, project or campaign must have a clear understanding of what it is and what it wants to achieve. I provide the process, perspective and objective guidance to help identify, define and describe your brand: who you are, what your purpose is, how you’re going to achieve it, who you’re here for, what makes you different and how you want to be perceived.


If required, I’ll use my proven process to create a name (or new name) for your organisation or service.

Verbal identity

Having defined your brand, I’ll help you clearly and succinctly articulate what makes you special. Creating a strong, compelling and consistent message, so you, your team and your audience are all on the same page.

Visual identity

I’ll create a distinctive visual identity that projects your brand strategy. Creating an overarching look from logo and colour palette through to typography and imagery. Helping you to raise your profile, unify your materials, stand out from the crowd, communicate your message and bring you closer to your goals.

Web design

I provide a complete service from strategy, content and site planning, through to the design and build of a bespoke website tailored to meet your specific needs. All new sites will use techniques of sustainable web design, to reduce your websites carbon footprint.

Graphic design

I design effective marketing and communication materials: adverts, annual reports, banners, books, brochures, displays, exhibitions, infographics, leaflets, newsletters, posters, presentations, reports, social media graphics, stationery and more. I’m knowledgeable about greener printers, paper stocks and design principles.