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What I did

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Nuclear Information Service (NIS) undertake research into the UK nuclear weapons programme. I was engaged to design a new brand identity, website and materials.


A key part of the branding process was to clarify and articulate what NIS does. I helped to write the strapline ‘Investigating the UK nuclear weapons programme’ and the longer elevator pitch:

Nuclear Information Service is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation. We investigate the UK nuclear weapons programme and publish accurate and reliable information to stimulate informed debate on disarmament and related issues.

Working closely with the client I defined how NIS wants to be perceived: professional, authoritative, academic, serious, purposeful and resolute. And importantly, how they don’t want to be perceived as being activists, protesting, hectoring, strident or dogmatic.


The branding work informed the professional looking visual identity. The organisation is well known as NIS, so it is appropriate to use the acronym prominently in the logo. The acronym graphic can be used to suggest the nature of NIS’s work. Placing an image inside the logo hints at investigating/looking into nuclear weapons. Also, placing the logo on top of an out of focus photograph, with the parts of the photo inside the logo in focus, suggests bringing clarity to the obfuscated world of nuclear weapons (see images above).


Having reviewed the existing website, I simplified the new sites structure. Introducing a clear journey from topic category pages, to sub-category pages. The new design ensures new news articles are prominent (a key problem with the old site was that old news was only one click from the homepage, which could make the site look out of date). I designed a mock-up website and page templates in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These were given to the web developers to build the site. I reviewed and fed into the iterative build process, helping to ensure the brand and visual design remained on track.

Nuclear Information Service website

Graphic design

I have designed all of NIS’s materials over a number of years, including letterhead, business cards, annual reports, email newsletter, social media adverts for webinars and weighty reports.


The work has brought clarity to NIS’s message and helps them to project their position as being the reliable, authoritative and up to date source of information. This in turn will help them to stimulate debate on nuclear disarmament.


“Mark’s detailed process really helped us to hone in on what we want to achieve, and the final design was professional, authoritative and trustworthy, capturing the organisational identity we want to embody.” — David Cullen, Director


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