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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, part of the University of London, briefed me to create a logo and visual assets for a new research group called DEPTH – Dialogue, Evidence, Participation and Translation for Health.


It is not desirable, nor possible, for a logo to attempt to say everything about an organisation. The common mistake is to throw the kitchen sink at it. Rather it should focus on the core brand idea or message. From my research I identified the two things this logo should express: ‘dialogue’ and ‘depth’ (as in the depth of the research). This led to the stylised speech bubble, compressed typeface and gradient colours accentuating the idea of depth.

Visual identity and assets

Along with the logo I created an entire visual identity. This was provided to the research group as a toolkit for them to use to ensure their materials look professional and consistent. I also designed the DEPTH website and Twitter banner images and social media profile icons, creating a distinctive, recognisable and consistent look.


“Mark created a simple, smooth visual identity that we really like. It emphasises the theme of conversations and strikes the right balance between academic ‘seriousness’, with a lightness of touch.” — Cicely Marston, Associate Professor


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