Ethical design

How my ethical stance benefits you

In 2003 I established Advocate as one of the first ethical design agencies – committed to operating in an ethical way and to working with clients doing good things. This could be businesses, charities, public sector bodies, universities, social enterprises and campaigners contributing to a greener, fairer and habitable world. Here’s how my ethical stance will benefit you:

Greater experience

After graduating in graphic design in 1996 I worked in-house at the Centre for Alternative Technology, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Gaia Books and at a design agency for high-profile arts clients. Then in 2003 I established Advocate ethical design agency. This is an unparalleled level of experience, expertise and dedication to creating positive change.

Greater commitment

As the business name ‘Advocate’ suggests, I’m on your side and I’ll champion you. I share your vision and I’m committed to your success. In short, I’ll go the extra mile.

Greater expertise

I bring 26 years’ experience of and insight into working with social, ethical and environmental organisations. I’m familiar with your challenges and can hit the ground running.

More bang for your buck

Without the overheads of a typical agency – salespeople, account handlers and a fancy office – I can invest more time on your project, for your budget, resulting in the best possible outcomes. See my design rates.

I don’t undermine your aims

I take care to avoid working with organisations that undermine our shared aims.

I foster your values

Research shows the link between people’s values and their likelihood to take positive social and environmental steps. And that the ‘compassionate’ values underpinning such action can be encouraged (see Common Cause). My clients reinforce these compassionate values that you depend on – concern for others and the natural world, community support and self-acceptance – helping to create a virtuous circle.

I can help you reduce your environmental footprint

I can advise on the use of green paper, printers, printing practices and web hosting companies – helping you reduce your environmental footprint.

I fit with your socially responsible supply chain

Advocate is a natural fit with your corporate social responsibility. See my environmental policy below.


This isn’t greenwashing or jumping on the ethical bandwagon. I’ve been working with social, ethical and environmental organisations all my professional career. Plus, on a personal level, I’ve been an environmental campaigner since 1996.

Your responsibility

Do you want to work with design agencies that also work with businesses undermining your aims? Agencies that take your money and then help unethical organisations don’t deserve your business. If you are committed to creating a sustainable and just future get in contact with me.

Environmental policy

Who I work with is the most important environmental choice I make. Through the work I do for my clients I have a positive impact on people and the planet. However, running my business has an environmental footprint, which I am committed to reducing…

Climate emergency

I’ve declared a climate emergency and am starting to take steps to become carbon neutral. See Business Declares.


The electricity I use comes from 100% renewable sources and the gas is offset, making it carbon neutral.


My website is hosted by Kualo, on servers powered by renewable energy. I have taken care to design the site to minimise its carbon footprint. See the Website Carbon Calculator.

Broadband and telephone

My broadband and telephone provider, Zen Internet, is a certified B Corporation.

Natural resources

My business cards are printed on 100% recycled post-consumer waste, made in a factory powered by renewable energy. My office paper is 100% recycled. I use electronic instead of paper-based communication wherever possible.

Electronic equipment

My computers and phones tend to last me a long time. I only buy new kit when I absolutely have to.


I use the phone, email and video calls to reduce the need to travel, but sometimes face-to-face meetings can be more productive. I use public transport when I can and I’m based just five minutes’ walk from a mainline train station, with easy access to London.


I recycle old computers, ink cartridges, glass, plastic, metal, paper and card.