A long list of quotes from clients

Judith Anderson, Judith Anderson Psychotherapy

Mark was extremely thoughtful in building the website for my psychotherapy practice. He listened carefully as I described my work and drew out some essential features to highlight. The design he developed was clear and engaging. There’s work I still need to do writing blogs etc, but the ball is in my court and Mark has done everything possible to support me!

David Cullen, Director, Nuclear Information Service

We have always found working with Mark to be a pleasant and rewarding experience, with excellent results. His detailed process really helped us to hone in on what we want to achieve, and the final design was professional, authoritative and trustworthy, capturing the organisational identity we want to embody.

Sir Iain Chalmers, Adviser, Palestinian History Tapestry

The Palestinian History Tapestry Project needed a high quality brochure to accompany the launch of the Tapestry. I have been very impressed with the quality of Mark’s work, which has resulted in a 32-page brochure which is being widely admired.

Trish Whitham, Coordinator, Nuclear Information Service

Mark Epton is a first class graphic designer, his interpretation of briefs is excellent and we were delighted with the design and layout of the finished work. He provided advice and helpful guidance throughout the process from brief to print and was able to transform some very complex information into clear graphical representations. Mark has helped us to produce a high quality and influential new report and we look forward to working with him on future projects.

Chris Robertson, Founder, Culture Crisis

I needed a new website that did not fit readily into any mould. Mark, who had designed the logo for the Climate Psychology Alliance, was a creative partner who clarified my needs and helped focus the visual look of the website — a responsive designer!

Elaine Chase, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Very many thanks again. We are really happy with the results and have had very positive feedback.

Aaron Dillon, Founder, C21 Translations

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your insight, eagle eyes, experience and attention to detail. We definitely chose the right designer!

Cicely Marston, Associate Professor, University of London

We worked with Mark at Advocate design to develop a visual identity to tie in with our new research hub at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The hub is called ‘DEPTH’ (Dialogue, Evidence, Participation and Translation for Health). We work in community involvement, and communication between different people from a range of different settings, including young people and those whose voices are often less-heard, we wanted an accessible, clean logo and social media banner. Mark created a simple, smooth visual identity that we really like. It emphasises the theme of conversations and strikes the right balance between academic 'seriousness', with a lightness of touch.

Rich Denyer-Bewick, Operations Director, Citizens Online

We loved working with Mark, he had a very clear process that we could get behind and enjoyed participating in. It made sense, worked and the results are great!

Helen Pitel, Director, Common Edge

Mark was clear, thoughtful and really understood what we needed to achieve with our branding, visual identity and website.

Caroline White, Owner, Abbey Meadow Flowers

Thank you so much for your help. The new look and website are leading to a lot of enquiries and bookings.

Amanda Johnson, Chief Executive, Salters Hill

Mark designed a clean, fresh and appropriate brand identity that reflects what we do, as well as what we want to be. The process involved consultation with a range of stakeholders, who unanimously supported the new image.

Joannah Boyce, Information Officer, Oxford Department of International Development

I’ve enjoyed working with Advocate on this project. I appreciated the way Mark was fully open to all our ideas and suggestions, but at the same time it was good to be able to rely on his judgement and experience when it came to making final decisions.

Miles Owen, Director, Verdant Future

I was impressed by Mark’s thoroughness, complete understanding of the brief and what we are doing. The rebrand not only satisfied our expectations but also provided new ideas and opportunities for our business. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark for such work.

Alex Caminada, Founder, Caminada Photography

Choosing Mark to redesign my website has been a huge success. He accurately interpreted my requirements and promptly produced several great ideas. The final design was produced and Mark was able to successfully introduce some important changes that I requested. He is impressive with his attention to detail, picking up on many issues that could so easily spoil a great project. I’m very grateful with his commitment to want to see my project succeed and seeing it through to the end.

Jenny Peebles, Communications Officer, University of Oxford

Mark was communicative and efficient to work with and as keen as we were to have a well-designed end product. Everyone who has seen our book, including its contributors, is delighted with the high-quality result.

Caroline Aistrop, Managing Director, Green Spark Marketing

Advocate’s work combines a complete understanding of the ethical approach to running a business and the wide-reaching ramifications this brings, with impressive creative talent that delivers powerful design enabling the client to stand out from the rest. Mark supplies 110% effort, the research is thorough, and the ethos and goals of the client are absorbed like a sponge. There’s no watering down of effort or vision just because the thinking processes get complicated or hard! I’m delighted with the new name, look and brand for my company which Mark has created, and I’ve every confidence that these will help the company to gain new customers and achieve its goals.

Jude Walker, Executive Director, Small Woods

We worked with Advocate to develop a new brand and website — and the process really changed our organisation. Mark made us look closely at what we do and how we do it, helping us to clarify our thinking. The rebranding really supports what we do, and the website is great: clear, fast and good looking. I am very happy with Mark’s input and approach to the contract.

Ruth Davey, Founder, Look Again

As well as being a great designer, Mark from Advocate has been enormously conscientious and supportive. He has listened to my needs, been clear and flexible and has always gone the extra mile, often beyond his brief as designer. I am now the proud owner of a new brand and marketing materials and I can’t wait to get out there with them!

Simon Hamilton, Founder, The Hamilton Group

Mark worked closely with us to design both a new logo and our new website. He was meticulous and thorough in his thinking and delivery and his thoughtful and detailed approach, creativity and advice linked well with our ideas for the new organisation. He delivered on time and we are very happy with the result.

Pam Brown, Founder, Practical Intelligence

Mark was a pleasure to work with. He came to us with a set of very clear questions which clarified what our work is about, how we wanted to present ourselves and who we wanted to reach. He listened carefully to us and encapsulated our essence in a wonderful website.

Jacqueline Smith, Communications Officer, University of Oxford

I have worked with Mark Epton on the development of a visual identity for a new research programme. He designed the programme’s website and promotional leaflet and will go on to help us with exhibition leaflets, annual reports and so on. Mark has a very thorough approach to design work. I have been impressed with his intellectual engagement with the task: generating a visual identity that expresses something of what the research is about, and conveys a certain amount of solidity and gravitas. He is not afraid to play ‘devil’s advocate’ with proposed ideas, which makes for a very robust and well thought-through end product. In sum, I have found the experience of working with Mark very rewarding and I would highly recommend him.

Jan Loveless, Director, Access Matters

Having a new brand identity, stationery and website has made me feel so much prouder of my business and keen to promote it with every email, letter or business card that I send or give out. It feels professional, accessible and straightforward. It does the talking for me. I no longer feel I have to explain everything about my business in emails or on the phone as it’s there on the website. I also know I can refresh it now and again with photos or different text, but the basic website design is useful and sustainable.

Susannah Wintersgill, Head of Internal Communications, University of Oxford

Mark designed a range of marketing and conference collateral for a university event. The visual identity he created for us was both powerful and flexible, which meant it could be adapted for use across the full range of material, giving the event a clear and coherent identity. Mark was a pleasure to work with throughout the project. Not only was he flexible and accommodating to meet tight deadlines, but he was never afraid to challenge; his approach is one which combines creativity and professionalism. We look forward to working with him again next year.

Louise Henson, Managing Director, Forest Peoples Programme

Mark’s patient perseverance in keeping the development of our website going and consolidating an identity for FPP while faced with constantly moving goal posts as well as changing staff, proved him to be an exceptional person to work with. His sensitivity to our concerns, as well as his motivation, commitment and talent steered us through a maze of wants, options and ideas. Thanks to him we got there in the end!

Richard Thomason, Project Officer, Small Woods

I have enjoyed working with Mark through the entire process from initial concept ideas to final delivery. I have been particularly impressed with his ability to combine creative and imaginative ideas with a methodical and clear process of working in order to meet our specified deadlines. I am also grateful for his patience. We look forward to working with Mark on new projects in the future

Paul Ryder, Information Manager, Refugee Studies Centre

The Refugee Studies Centre has been working with Advocate on a wholesale redevelopment of our branding and print design work. Mark has been wonderful to work with throughout and his designs are both clear and ingenious. His understanding of the processes and potential pitfalls of such an undertaking have proved invaluable. Mark’s knack of challenging us in just the right places is uncanny and always fruitful. His genuine interest in our work is reassuring which, combined with his reasonable rates, means we would have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services whole-heartedly.

Amelia Richards, Head of Development, Refugee Studies Centre

I am regularly reminded, as I see our displays of literature at meetings and conferences, as indeed I am when I go to meetings with a portfolio of material under my arm, that your rebranding has professionalised the look of our work beyond measure and I am grateful to you for the thought and creativity you brought to this.

Jools Mackin, Marketing Manager, SITA Trust

Love it! You have made me a happy, smiley person today. Thank you.

Mark Russell, Project Manager, Gloucestershire Wood Fuels

We had an excellent working relationship, which enabled us to create a logo that really captured our essence in a simple but forthright way. Mark asked all the right questions to relate to the intended customer and their key messages to design layout and tweak the words for our leaflet and website.

Richard Young, Policy Adviser, Soil Association

Mark Epton has proved himself to be a talented and creative designer. I have used him to design a campaign report and an appeal leaflet. On both occasions he came up with powerful solutions to difficult problems. He is also an extremely helpful person to work with. I changed my mind several times, adding considerably to his workload, which he cheerfully accommodated. With the appeal leaflet he showed that he has other skills, contributing to the editing and selection process in a very constructive way. I look forward to working with him again.

Chris Etchells, Director, English Country Schools

Mark was quick to understand our business and produced an elegant, professional brochure that really helped us to communicate the aims and aspirations of our summer schools. We saw an immediate increase in bookings and consider Mark’s expertise to be a very sound investment.

Adam Ma’anit, Editor, New Internationalist

Mark is flexible, diligent, open-minded and thoroughly literate in the world of graphic design. He’s also not afraid to strike out with some bold ideas and advance an organisation’s thinking about design along the way.

Charles Couzens, Director, Ecos

Mark helped us to work through possibly the most difficult and emotive issue for an organisation to address — a name change. Mark was consistent and objective in his advice and helped the board of Trustees come to a decision which will have lasting benefit to the trust.

Mike Taplin, Project Manager, Stroud Valleys Car Club

Mark was retained by the Stroud Valleys Car Club to author our marketing campaign targeting particular groups for membership. He proved to be innovative and flexible in interpreting our aspirations, and effective and efficient in delivering attractive material to a tight timescale.

Ian Nixon, Designer, New Internationalist

Mark Epton has been working with us over the past year on our contract with the Red Cross. He has never been anything less than conscientious, thorough and creative, not to mention very accommodating of fluctuating schedules. I have no hesitation in recommending his services as a designer.

Katherine Salahi, Administrator, Refugee Studies Centre

Last year I engaged Mark Epton to design a publicity brochure for the Refugee Studies Centre. I have a publishing and editorial background, and have worked with designers on many occasions. Mark stands out from the rest as a shaper of text as well as visuals, and for his intelligent involvement in the whole product. He questioned and helped improve much of the text and developed an eye-catching design that was entirely appropriate to the type of material. His approach to his work is creative, intelligent and principled. He is challenging to work with, in the best way. I recommend him highly.

Jo Badham, Projects Manager, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Mark was a pleasure to work with. His professional knowledge and experience coupled with his understanding of, and enthusiasm for, environmental issues have produced very effective campaign materials for us. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark as a designer who is knowledgeable, professional and reliable and who will provide excellent value for money.

Richard Hussey, Marketing Manager, Good Energy

Mark Epton has provided an excellent service. It has been particularly refreshing to experience a quick understanding of the brief, see real thought given to a range of creative options and receive thought provoking views on our existing designs, messages and processes. The Good Energy rebranding and advertising campaign were very well received and have directly contributed to record response rates and sales levels.

Deb Coleman, Operations Manager, Stroud Valleys Project

We have worked with Advocate for a number of years, particularly on production of our annual report. As a small, local, environmental charity, this document is our key paper and web-based marketing tool. Mark has given us solutions that reflect and support our environmental policies and beliefs, and deliver a strong, clear image whilst still being cost-effective. We appreciate Mark’s contribution to all aspects of the design and editorial process, his ability to work to deadlines, and his insights into effective communication.

Sarah Shoraka, Campaigner, Greenpeace

Mark is extremely motivated and committed to doing the best possible job. His talent is as apparent as his energy and enthusiasm.