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Red Kite Environment are a leading interpretation consultancy, working with conservation and heritage organisations throughout Europe. We’ve worked with them for many years, creating their visual identity, stationery and print materials such as marketing postcards, case study sheets and a banner display. We were recently asked to redesign their website.

Key improvements

The website is now responsive, it works on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

The homepage shows current projects – quickly communicating that the business is alive and kicking.

Information is layered. Visitors can click through the site and just from the headings get a good understanding of what Red Kite Environment offers.

The previous Red Kite Environment brand colour was a primary red. This has been replaced by a burgundy red, which we feel is a more natural, appropriate and sophisticated colour.

The visual design has been updated and now prominently uses the client’s wonderful photographs. The text is large and legible, encouraging potential clients to read it.

The number of pages has been reduced and a very intuitive content management system has been plugged in making it easier for the client to manage the site. This is important because Red Kite Environment are very busy and they don’t want to have to invest unnecessary time on their website.


We expect that the responsive, refreshed and up-to-date website will help to win new clients and projects.

Red Kite Environment website

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