Our process

Branding to identity and design

We provide four overlapping services: brand strategy, visual identity, web design and graphic design. For branding (or rebranding) and visual identity projects we use the following proven process.


Through research we can familiarise ourselves with your organisation, audience and vision. And often this work can help you to better understand your own organisation.

Brand strategy

To be successful an organisation needs a clear understanding of what it is – its brand. We’ll discover, shape and define your brand. Answering the crucial questions: who are you, what’s your purpose, what do you do, who for, what’s your personality and what makes you different.


If required we’ll create a name (or new name) for your organisation or services. We have a tried and tested process and experience of managing naming projects – ensuring your name is appropriate, memorable and powerful.

Verbal identity

We’ll articulate your brand in a strapline and elevator pitch. These should be used across all your touchpoints – creating a strong and consistent message – so that your audience know who you are, what you do and why it matters.

Visual identity

We’ll create a distinctive visual identity that expresses your brand, unites your materials, raises your profile and differentiates you from competitors. An identity consists of a logo, typefaces, colours, icons, paper stock and imagery, creating an overarching look. This will be specified in an identity manual.

Web and graphic design

Based on your brand and visual identity we’ll design your marketing and communication materials. No waffle or superficial decoration, just clear and effective websites, adverts, banners, books, brochures, displays, leaflets, posters, reports, stationery and more.

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