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The challenge

Good Energy is a renewable energy supplier. The business was changing its name from Unit[e] to Good Energy and we were briefed to create the new logo.

Given the name change and that all materials needed to be reprinted, we suggested that this was an opportune time to review the brand, identity and marketing materials.

Branding and identity

We took the client through our branding process: researching the business, its market and competitors. From this analysis we defined the brand, as being the ‘Waitrose’ of the electricity world, positioned at the premium end of the market: a little more expensive than other suppliers, but the greenest and most ethical electricity supplier, with the best customer service.

This brand position informed, and was reflected in, the new professional and serious-looking visual identity we created. The identity consisted of the logo, strapline, colour palette, typeface and recycled paper stock.

Marketing materials

Following the rebranding we designed all of Good Energy’s marketing collateral including posters, national newspaper and magazine adverts, information packs, postcards, displays, office signage, newsletter, email newsletter and environmental reports.

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Press adverts


Switching to Good Energy can cut an individuals carbon emissions by a huge amount, without them having to change their lifestyle. This insight inspired the national advertising campaign: which showed Good Energy customers in their homes, with the heading ‘eco-warriors’ and the line ‘live the life you want without harming your world’.


Our work was instrumental in Good Energy’s success. The rebrand gave them a strong identity, making them look professional and credible.

Before we worked with Good Energy it had taken six years to get 10,000 customers. Following our rebrand we worked with Good Energy for three years. In this time the number of customers increased by 12,000 – more than doubling the customers, in half the time. With a similar marketing spend. Clearly showing the power of a strong, recognisable brand identity.

“The rebranding and advertising campaign were very well received and have directly contributed to record response rates and sales levels.”

Richard Hussey, Marketing Manager

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