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Forest Peoples Programme

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Indigenous person

Indigenous person in Indonesia


Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) works with indigenous forest peoples in South America, Africa and Asia, to help them secure their rights, build up their own organisations and negotiate with governments and companies as to how economic development and conservation are best achieved on their lands.

The brief

The FPP website is available in three languages – English, French and Spanish – and contains thousands of pages of information and resources. Our brief was to organise this wealth of information into a structure so that it can be easily accessed.


All content needed to be tagged – HTML text, PDF documents and multimedia files – so that information could be found by different routes, depending on each visitor’s specific interested. Information can now be accessed by type of work or by geographical area. There are four main areas in the work section, each of which has numerous sub-areas. Similarly, a visitor can search by continent and drill down to a country level.


FPP is a leading advocate of forest peoples, their organisations and campaigns. It works at national and international level on policies, laws and human rights. It works discretely in the background and is careful not to impose itself on the organisations it champions. It doesn’t operate at a public level in the UK or rely on donations from individuals. For these reasons, the client requested an academic-looking and pared-back website, which Advocate delivered.


The new website amplifies the organisation’s influence and efficacy. Information can be quickly found and the website is a vital resource for forest peoples and policy makers.

Forest Peoples Programme website

“Advocate’s sensitivity to our concerns, as well as their motivation, commitment and talent, proved them to be exceptional people to work with.”

Louise Henson, Managing Director

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