Our ethics
How our ethical stance will help you

We’ll help you make a bigger difference

We use the power of branding and design to help organisations contributing to a greener, fairer and better world.

The urgency of tackling environmental issues and making our society fairer and more sustainable means that your work is more vital than ever and we want to help you make a bigger difference.

We’re not jumping on the green bandwagon. We’ve specialised in working with good organisations since 2003 when Mark Epton started Advocate. In fact, Mark took this ethical approach after leaving university in 1996, making a promise to use his design skills for good causes. This led him to work at the Centre for Alternative Technology, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and Gaia Books before establishing Advocate. He is also an experienced volunteer activist with Greenpeace. He’s personally committed to helping you create a better world.

We work with organisations that have a purpose beyond profit. Businesses, charities, public sector bodies, educational institutions, social enterprises, individuals and start-ups come to us because they like our approach.

It’s who we work with that defines us an ethical design agency. This is where we can make the most difference: for example, we’ve helped to double the customers of a renewable energy company, have shone a light on superbugs in factory farming, provided vital information for indigenous forest peoples, turned organic gardening books into bestsellers and helped launch green businesses.

We don’t undermine your aims or values

We don’t work with organisations who undermine your aims. For example, we don’t help businesses that harm the environment.

Nor do we work with organisations who undermine the values you depend on. A large body of evidence shows the link between people’s values and their preponderance to take positive social and environmental steps (see Common Cause). Only by encouraging intrinsic values – those values centred on concern for others and the natural world, connectedness, and self-acceptance – will we create large-scale social change. Therefore we don’t work with businesses that foster extrinsic ‘selfish’ values that undermine the very values you need to strengthen.

We can help you reduce your environmental footprint

We advise and encourage clients to consider sustainability throughout the design process. We promote the use of green paper, printers, printing practices and hosting companies – thereby reducing your environmental footprint.

We fit with for your socially responsible supply chain

We’re a natural fit for your corporate social responsibility. Advocate is the design agency of Mark Epton. As a small business we have a small environmental footprint, which we are committed to reducing:


The electricity we use comes from 100% renewable sources and our website is hosted on servers run by solar power.

Natural resources

Our business cards are printed on 100% recycled post-consumer waste, made in a factory powered by renewable energy. Our office paper is 100% recycled. We use electronic instead of paper-based communication wherever possible.

Electronic equipment

Our computers and phones tend to last us a long time. We only buy new kit when we absolutely have to.


We use the phone, email and video calls to reduce the need to travel, but sometimes face-to-face meetings are more productive and personal. We use public transport when we can and are based just five minutes’ walk from a mainline train station, with easy to access to London.


We recycle old computers, ink cartridges, glass, plastic, metal, paper and card.

“Advocate were a pleasure to work with. Their design skills and understanding of environmental issues has produced very effective campaign materials for us.”

Projects Manager, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

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