Our ethics—

How our ethical stance benefits you

We’re an ethical design agency specialising in working with clients that have a purpose beyond profit. This could be ethical businesses, charities, public sector bodies, schools, universities, social enterprises and individuals contributing to a greener, fairer and better world. Here’s how our ethical stance will benefit you:

Greater commitment

We’re passionate about our clients. We share your values and we’re dedicated to your success. In short, we’ll go the extra mile.

Greater insight

We bring 20 years’ experience of and insight into working with social, ethical and environmental organisations. We’re familiar with your challenges and can hit the ground running.

More bang for your buck

We’re experience at working with modest budgets and can help you create the biggest impact for your budget.

We don’t undermine your aims

We don’t help businesses that undermine your aims. It would be counter-productive for us to also work with businesses that contribute to environmental and social problems.

We foster your values

Research shows the link between people’s values and their preponderance to take positive social and environmental steps – and how different values can be encouraged (see Common Cause). Our clients foster intrinsic values (as oppose to extrinsic ‘selfish’ values). Reinforcing the values you depend on – concern for others and the natural world, connectedness and self-acceptance – thereby helping to change society for the better.

We can help you reduce your environmental footprint

We can advise on the use of green paper, printers, printing practices and web hosting companies – helping you reduce your environmental footprint.

We fit with your socially responsible supply chain

We’re a natural fit with your corporate social responsibility. As a small design business we have a small environmental footprint, which we are committed to reducing. Please see our environmental policy.

This isn’t greenwash

This isn’t greenwash, or jumping on the bandwagon. Established in 2003 we were one of the first ethical design agencies committed to helping purpose-driven organisations.

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