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Graphic design for renewables business

Services: graphic design / copywriting

Ecotricity brochure spread

Spreads from brochure

Ecotricity brochure spread

Spreads from brochure

Ecotricity bills

Examples of bills

Ecotricity Body Shop postcard

Body Shop postcard

The context

Ecotricity was the world’s first green electricity company.


We designed a broad range of materials, including the key marketing brochure, adverts, postcards, posters and bills.


Not only did we design the materials we also wrote the copy. Our objectivity, experience of writing for other clients and knowledge of the ‘green’ sector proved tremendously helpful. This one-stop service was convenient for the client and ensured synergy between design and words. We also wrote the key message and copy for the homepage of the Ecotricity website.


We created the templates for Ecotricity’s bills, ensuring that we met the project’s understandably exacting requirements. The bills had to be informative, clear and engaging while fulfilling strict legal requirements and print limitations. Five different templates were required for commercial and domestic customers.


Our consistent approach to the design of the materials and message created a harmonious brand image for Ecotricity.

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