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Commonweal was established in the 1950s as a lending library of books and materials on peace and nonviolence. Commonweal still operates a specialist library and promotes awareness of the Commonweal Archives, maintained at the University of Bradford. However, currently their main activity is generating and sharing resources for nonviolence activists through their website, blog and social media.

Funders were recommending that Commonweal invest in a brand identity to help raise their profile.


I worked closely with Commonweal to define their brand: their purpose, what they do and who for, what makes them different and how they want to be perceived. I helped articulate this in a strapline and elevator pitch, and I created a distinctive visual identity and logo that expresses the concept of ‘sparking inspiration’. This ‘toolkit’ of brand assets can now be used to unite Commonweal’s materials, making them look credible and helping to raise their profile.