About us—

We’re an ethical brand design agency

Advocate is the design agency of Mark Epton and associates. We launched 15 years ago with a pioneering vision: to use the power of branding and design to champion purpose-driven organisations. Together we’ll make a difference.

What we can do for you

Branding and design can make or break an organisation. We’ll use this power to help you achieve measurable results. This could be increasing sales, attracting more supporters, developing wider influence, encouraging behaviour change or improving levels of engagement. We do this through a joined-up service of brand strategy, brand identity, web design and graphic design.

Who we’re here for

We help clients that have a purpose beyond profit. Ethical businesses, charities, public sector bodies, universities, social enterprises and entrepreneurs come to us because they want to create positive change for their organisations, customers and society.

What makes us different

We’re passionate about our clients. As our name suggests we’re on your side and we’ll champion you. Combined with this ethos we bring valuable experience. Mark has specialised in working with ethical and environmental organisations throughout his 20-year design career. It’s this greater connection, expertise and commitment that ensures our work is effective. And as a small agency with low overheads we can invest more time on your project, for your budget.

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